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What is Asexual ACES?

Asexual ACES started out as a facebook page in April 2014. Since then a Twitter and a Pinterest have been added. In July 2016 this website joined the Asexual ACES family, along with the blog.  A little while later, Miscellaneace and Teenace followed.  Miscellaneace is an ace and aro-friendly dating site that offers different types of relationship for the vast ace and ace spectrum community. Teenace is a social network for asexual and ace spectrum teenagers. I've recently added a YouTube channel.

Asexuality is a sexual orientation.* Being asexual means not feeling sexual attraction for anyone regardless of gender.


ACES - It's an acronym: A for Awareness, C for Community, E for Education and S for Support.

Aces (slang) are asexual people and people on the asexuality spectrum.


Asexuality is not the lack of libido. Some asexual people have a low or no libido; others have higher ones.


Asexuality is not the choice to abstain from sex. Some asexual people do abstain from sex; others engage in sexual acts for various reasons, such as curiosity, to please their partner(s), for their own pleasure, social pressure or for other reasons.


Asexuality is not being unable to find a sexual partner. Often it's the opposite; asexual people are often subjected to unwanted sexual attention.


Asexuality is not the same as sex-repulsion. Some asexual people are sex-repulsed; others are sex-indifferent, sex-favorable or fluctuate between some or all of the above.


Asexual is not being incapable of having sex; nor is it impotence, vaginismus, having underdeveloped genitals or any other physical disability. Some asexual people are incapable of having sex, are impotent, have vaginismus, underdeveloped genitals and/or other physical disables; others are able-bodied.


Asexuality is not the same as trauma that's caused by sexual abuse. Some asexual people have been sexually abused; others haven't.

Either way, sexual abuse is not something to casually bring up, joke about or use as an argument against asexuality. Sexual abuse is a very serious subject.


Asexuality is not the same as aromanticism. Some asexual people are aromanic; others are heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, polyromantic, panromantic and/or on the aromantic spectrum. Some aromantic spectrum orientations are gray-aromantic, demiromantic, frayromantic, akoiromantic and recipromantic.


Asexuality is not reproducing with yourself. Asexual people don't do that. People don't do that in general. That's asexual reproduction.  Single-celled organisms, plants and fungi do that. When someone uses the term asexual in a human context, they're most likely talking about asexuality, not about asexual reproduction.


You can find more info about asexuality here.


Here are two different types of printable sheets; each in four different colors.

The first type is a general info sheet about asexuality.

The second type is an Ask me sheet that invites people to ask questions about asexuality in general and/or on a personal level.

Info Sheet

Ask me Sheet

Info Sheet

Ask me Sheet

Info Sheet

Ask me Sheet

Info Sheet

Ask me Sheet

Asexual ACES's heraldic animal - The Unimerdrasus

It's a mixture of unicorn, mermaid, dragon and pegasus.

Upcoming Ace events


Ace Day: November 26th


Asexual Awareness Week  2017: October 22nd - 28th


I'd like to list other ace events, such as local pride events, meetups or anything else that is an ace-related event.

If you know of any, send an email or message Asexual ACES on facebook.

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